Email Counselling



E-mail counselling is a great option for individuals who are very time poor, and may only have time to "talk" once their kids are in bed in the evening, or their availability is inconsistent or scattered throughout the week, making it difficult to make regular appointments.

You can choose to email your counsellor in the middle of the night, or in the early hours of the morning, in your lunch break, or you could start and finish your email over the course of a day - it's up to you!

Once you've sent your email, your Counsellor will aim to reply to you within 48 hours.

The package includes initial intake form (emailed), PLUS a set of 3 emails: 3 emails from you*, and 3 thorough email replies from your Counsellor.

Once you decide you'd like to get the ball rolling, your Counsellor will email you the same forms any other client would receive as part of their counselling/therapy process. You still get the same valuable support, and in-depth care as other face-to-face clients would receive.

You'll also receive recommended resources, worksheets and handouts that clients would ordinarily receive via other sessions - you're not missing out on anything with Mind Momentum's email counselling option.

This is the perfect option for clients who want to start feeling better in some way, but:

  • Have never taken the step to reach out for counselling support so are feeling unsure/anxious about the process, OR
  • Feel they express themselves better in writing, OR
  • Are too busy to find a solid 1-hour block of time to book a regular session.

* You are welcome to write up to the equivalent of 2 Word document pages (size 12 font) in each email. Your counsellor has a structured approach to counselling & therapy work, so there will be lots of specific questions for you to answer as part of your email counselling work together, which will help to guide the process, and assist you in achieving the outcome you're hoping for.

Got any questions about this service? Feel free to email Wendy:

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