Online Courses for Mums

Mind & Body Hacks For 

Greater Calm & Happiness

Mind + Body Hacks for Greater Calm & Happiness
(and releasing that mum-guilt!)
Want to feel less stress, less overwhelmed and more inner peace, calm and happiness each day?
Mind Momentum’s wellbeing course for mums has been designed to give you the evidence-based tools you need to feel less anxious or overwhelmed each day, and instead experience more joy, connection and a greater sense of calm and wellness in your life.
With 24/7 access, all at your own pace, from the comfort & privacy of your own home, day or night.
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Discover How to Start Journalling

For Greater Clarity, Confidence & Happiness

Journaling is a wonderful and healthy practice to embrace. It can help you feel lighter, gain clarity on what you’re going through in your life, reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm, and help you achieve all sorts of goals. Your wellbeing can improve and life can feel lighter and much more positive (and there’s even research to back this up!)
By completing this course, it’s my aim that you’ll:
  • Feel inspired and motivated to make journaling a regular practice
  • Understand the many health & wellbeing benefits of journaling
  • Learn and discover the art (and science!) behind reflective journaling AND gratitude journaling
  • Get the “how-to’s” of journaling, so you’ll feel confident in getting started
  • Lose the self-doubt around whether or not you can journal effectively
  • Never feel ‘lost’ or stuck when staring at a blank page again – you’ll receive loads of ideas within the course for you to download and keep!
  • Gain a whole lot more personal insight to help you live your best life.