Wholehearted Wellness Card Deck

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Craving More Calm, Connection and Confidence?

Nurture Your Mind, Body & Soul

A unique & helpful 30-Card Wellness Deck


Time to move from chaos to calm? Shift from feeling stressed-out or anxious to waking up each morning with more ease and positivity. These cards have got you covered!

This holistic wellness resource will support you by asking reflective questions, encouraging you to take meaningful action and sharing positive guidance to help you feel your best! They can also help you maintain good mental health and well-being so you can live a calmer, healthier and more joyful life. Discover many of the tips, tools and strategies that I've been recommending to women in my private counselling and therapy practice for years. By using these cards consistently, you can experience greater self-compassion, emotional positivity and mental clarity - with an increase in your overall wellness.

These cards are a practical and easy-to-use resource for women of all ages who are committed to living their best life while feeling well and happy on the inside. Or, if you're seeking stress relief, anxiety relief, or to reduce symptoms of depression, these cards are a wonderful self-help tool. They look beautiful sitting on your desk or bedside table, too!

You can use this card deck daily, or whenever you need a helpful reminder or some positive guidance to help you feel better. They also make a special wellness gift for someone you care about.