Ugh! Mum Guilt!

Do you know it too?
The thing is, as mums, we ALL feel it, know it, and have to manage it at times.
There’s this little (or loud) voice in the back of your mind that whispers (or screams) at you, tutting away at what you did ‘wrong’, the way you spoke to your child; the harsh words or tone that you wished you’d never used, or the behaviour you wish you could take back. Or maybe it’s the guilt you get for not being present enough because you’ve always got too much to do…
I hear this often, mums.
No, it’s not just you – you’re not alone in this land of mother-guilt.
But the thing is, you don’t need to be held hostage by that voice in your head… and the guilt hangover that ensues.
You can do something about it so that it doesn’t eat at you all day and night.
Children push our buttons. Sometimes they’re rude and they misbehave. Sometimes they don’t listen, and we repeat ourselves 75 times in 3 minutes.
And as parents, we often react – in ways, we will only moments later, regret.
Do you wish that you could take a mindful moment, and could be better at responding, with greater calm, and parent in a more measured, even-tempered way?
Well, you can.
Maybe not 100% of the time (let’s be realistic!)… but more often than you have been… that would feel better wouldn’t it?
Become familiar with that ability to pause before you respond. Bite your tongue, take a step back, breathe, then respond in a way you’d be proud of.
Become the mum you wished you could be, more often.
Like many of the mums I’ve supported over the years, you too can feel lighter, calmer and happier more often.
If you’d like to find out more feel free to reach out for a complimentary 20-minute chat.
Wishing you well,

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