This is What Aussie Mums are Struggling With…

I recently finished a workshop tour up the east coast of Australia as part of Mirvac’s “Festival of You”.  I spoke to hundreds of Aussie mums, to help them better understand how they can become a calmer and happier mother (and let’s face it, who doesn’t want a little bit more of that?!).
It was a fun and fabulous opportunity to get out there and talk to hundreds of mums from Melbourne up to Queensland. And interestingly, no matter where I was, I was hearing the same kind of feedback, the same kind of stories, and the same kinds of challenges being faced by so many of you.
Here are a few of these challenges in a nutshell:
1. Becoming a Mum is HARD.
Yes, yes it is.
Depending on how big and supportive your ‘village’ is – this can look and feel very different for each of you.
There is so much wonderful medical support through pregnancy and the lead up to (and through) giving birth. We’re very good at informing and educating mums on their options for a safe birth and pain control, but there’s so much more guidance, support and education that needs to be shared from the moment that beautiful baby is placed into your arms.
Then what happens?
Life changes. You need to adjust, manage, cope…
All while you’re changing – physically, emotionally, mentally… in many ways!
….Who’s preparing mums for this HUGE adjustment and transition?
Ladies, we need to talk more – more often, to more people and to know that it’s okay to share – all of it, the good, the bad, the confusing and the downright crappy bits!
2. JUGGLING and ‘doing it all’ is a STRUGGLE.
Whether you’re a stay-at-home-mum, work-from-home-mum, or back in the workplace full-time or part-time, life with a family is a juggle.
Others need you, want you, and expect from you.
And it can feel stressful or overwhelming much of the time.
Learning to hold greater self-compassion and kindness when you’re doing your best, day in and day out is essential to feeling well, being positive and having good health.
We often feel there’s not enough time in each day to get everything done, and we ‘multi-task’ so much of the time.
We need to SLOW DOWN, take a breath, and try ‘single-tasking’ more often, to save our minds and bodies from the effects of stress in some way.
Which leads me onto this…

3. Reducing and managing STRESS or ANXIETY is a huge challenge!


So many mums are affected by increased levels of stress and/or anxiety.
Some mums experience panic attacks too.
Learning how YOU can reduce your stress and anxiety is SO important.
Stress is a major factor in illness (physical and mental) and disease.
You can learn how to start taking control of each moment, just that little bit better. The cumulative effects of coping better, in small moments throughout your day, can be really good for you.
How would you rather feel at the end of your day: utterly exhausted, irritable and mentally spent, and trying to pour from an empty cup, OR, that you had one big, busy day, but you managed well, you acknowledge that you did your best, and you’re committed to putting a little time aside for you, so that you can get up again tomorrow and embrace another day?
Yes, Motherhood is challenging, but you can learn to do it differently, so you feel a whole lot better!


Wendy Gilroy is a Mother of 2, and a professional Counsellor for women. Wendy has a degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in Addiction Studies, and a Diploma of Counselling. She lives in Sydney, Australia, and offers secure ONLINE counselling for women around the world, as well as telephone, face-to-face and home visit services for  mums.

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Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. If you have any concerns about your physical or mental health, please consult your healthcare practitioner for medical advice.