10 Self-Care Ideas for Your Happiness & Wellbeing

It’s easy to get caught in the busy hamster-wheel of life – juggling children, family, the demands of work, after-school activities, keeping food in the fridge, social commitments, making time to connect with your partner, and everything else that pops up in-between.


It’s so easy to put yourself last, because you’re always caring for those around you.


I’d like to ask you: what tends to happen when you realise you’re suddenly tired, or stressed out, or you’ve fallen behind with something?


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed, or get that sinking feeling in your gut, like you just can’t keep up? Do you wonder how you can change things so that you can feel more in control, more at peace with the juggling act, and just less stressed at times?


It’s always a good time to think about YOU, and what your needs are, so that you can stay balanced, in control, healthy and well, and grow your resilience for whatever life may throw your way next.


So, I’ve put together this little list of ideas for you.


What can you commit to doing for yourself today (or this week)? What can you book into your diary for next week, and the week after that?


Changing your self-care habits (or introducing a ‘self-care calendar’ with new and healthy habits), can really make a huge difference to how you’re feeling and how you’re coping.


You owe it to yourself, and to your loved ones, to be your best. 


And, that means looking after yourself, and putting yourself first some of the time.


Just like the saying goes, “you can’t pour from an empty cup” – you need to check in, and ensure that your cup is filled before you continuing giving to others around you each and every day.


10 Self-Care Ideas


1. Connect with a good friend who truly values you – this may be a phone call, a coffee date, see a movie, or just hang out uninterrupted to have a good old chat (kid-free of course!)


2. Buy or borrow a book that you’ve always wanted to read – or take a look online at what others are reading that may interest you. Commit to reading each night before bed to help you unwind and to relax your mind.


3. Take some time out to look at old photos – those wonderful times with family and friends. Embrace those warm and fuzzy thoughts of love, fun, friendship and good times you’ve had.


4. Sit quietly for 10 minutes, while you enjoy a cup of your favourite soothing drink – allow yourself the time to accept the way you’re feeling, and know that things are always changing. If you’re feeling down, remember this too will pass. If you’re feeling positive, embrace those feelings of gratitude for all the good things in your life.


5. Take something out of your life; Declutter, Detoxify or De-stress – What is something that no longer serves you a positive purpose? An unhealthy food in your diet? Old clothes hanging in your wardrobe? A bunch of stuff hiding in the garage? That pile of admin/paper in the drawer or on your desk?…What can you sort out, give away, recycle, of just throw out? Letting something go, can be cleansing and lighten your load!


6. Book into a weekly class – that one you’ve been thinking about for ages (yoga? the gym? art? sewing? cooking?)


7. Buy yourself a lovely bunch of flowers to brighten up your home and your mood – Why wait for a special occasion, or for somebody else to buy them for you?


8. Take time out to watch your favourite show (or re-runs!) – or find something funny on YouTube to watch, and give yourself a good belly laugh.


9. Take yourself out for a lovely walk – whether in the morning or evening – enjoy this time away from work / family / chaos, and find your own calm – even if just for 15 minutes.


10. Ask for support – who can you reach out to for some help with whatever it is you’re trying hard to manage on your own?



Having a Self-Care Plan can help you feel more connected to yourself, and more connected to those around you. 


It can help brighten your day, and clear your mind.


I hope you can make that special time for yourself – and remember to keep it up… you deserve it!


Wishing you well,





Wendy Gilroy is a Mother of 2, and a professional Counsellor for women. Wendy has a degree in Psychology, a Masters degree in Addiction Studies, and a Diploma of Counselling. She lives in Sydney, Australia, and offers secure ONLINE counselling for women around the world, as well as telephone, face-to-face and home visit services for  mums.

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Disclaimer: This is for information purposes only. If you have any concerns about your physical or mental health, please consult your healthcare practitioner for medical advice.